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Streaming audio and video are different than downloaded or progressively downloaded media, in that streaming media protocols are specially designed to facilitate streaming audio and video content. Two advantages of streaming media:

1) Better experience - streaming media typically starts playing immediately, with minimal pauses and buffering. 

2) More secure - streaming media is inherently more secure because it transfers segments of video content, not entire video files. Most media servers protect content in secure directories, often protected by sophisticated access scripts. 

Quality streaming media sites originally used Flash technology, and have recently migrated towards HLS and MPEG DASH technology (and other HTTP protocols).  To stream in these formats, video files typically must first be transcoded into small, easy-to-stream segments. 

MMCart, from MediaGration, uses MultiMediaCart PPV/subscription billing and media integration technology, in combination with transcoding, and automatic product creation, in their all-in-one, PPV/subscription publishing solution.