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Media Players are HTML/Javascript (and Flash) applications that are designed to play audio and video files.   Media players normally display standard media control icons known from physical devices such as tape recorders and CD players, such as play, pause, fast forward, back forward, and stop buttons. These control ICONs are typically located in a control bar at the bottom of the player but can be located anywhere in the player grid, including in the middle. 

The most powerful media players (such as Videojs Player) are server-based and can be rendered and controlled with software-based APIs, permitting Website and application developers to control media players from independent software. Moreover, media players are capable of providing added security to streams. 

Popular Media Players:

JW Player
Bit Movin' Player
Videojs Player

 Increasingly, media players are relying on HTML technology and Javascript and less reliant on Flash technology.  MMCart technology, from MultiMediaCart, develops advanced PHP software with API control for popular Media Players, is the technology behind powerful media publishing applications like MediaGration's MMCart