Blue Flower

Ever since the early days of streaming media, publishers have offered preview looks at video and audio content - whether it was downloadable music or streaming video. Live or VOD, customers have become accustomed and rather spoiled on the privilege of getting a look at a trailer or a sample of a live performance.  To not offer some type of preview could impact interest and sales, so before publishing - it is important to establish a policy on previewing live and/or VOD content. 

MultiMediaCart's pay per view/subscription technology pioneered the art of secure, automatically created previews, time-limited previews, created automatically when MMCart products are added to a site library. MediaGration technology gives publishers the ability to float default or custom play button overlays on top of media thumbnails. 

Talk to one of our software partners, such as MediaGration, for tips on the effective use of previews in your PPV / subscription site.